What Can Be Framed

The Obvious Answer

You would expect the answer to ” What Can Be Framed ” to be the obvious choice: pictures, but actually just about anything can be framed and displayed. Good framing design can enhance colors and give focus to the otherwise lost looking object. Framing can also properly preserve keepsakes.frame

Shadow boxes add to the unlimited display possibilities. Ticket stubs, shirts, lucky sneakers, puzzles, bottle openers, shells, sharks jaws, feathers, candy wrappers, marbles, dolls, baseballs, dried flowers, stuffed animals, hats, and more are all framed. Framing sports memorabilia is popular. A team jersey, tickets stubs, and photos of the team can all be put together in a sports collage. Baby christening gowns and wedding invitations are often framed.

The most interesting thing I saw framed was. They used a large shadow box display giving the whole thing a nice feel.

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I have been designing and crafting quality custom picture frames over there decades. I specialize in providing the highest level of knowledge, skills and care to customers who want great looking frames for fine art, artifacts and keepsakes.

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